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Veterinary Digital Imaging

Calico Medical provides veterinary clients with a superior line of digital-ready diagnostic imaging equipment from a variety of manufacturers. We are focused on meeting our clients’ diagnostic needs by working with their respective budget and by providing the most advanced equipment possible…

We are pleased to represent the Rayence line of imaging products to meet all needs in the Veterinary market.

Veterinary Radiology Equipment

MyVet Table for Small Animals

The MyVet’s vet table is a revolutionary Veterinary Elevating X-Ray Table which delivers silent elevating to fulfill comfort and stability. The MyVet’s vet table is a cost-effective, workflow-efficient approach to digital radiographic imaging, designed to improve patient workflow in veterinary practice of small animals.


  • Completely Silent Elevating Table System
  • Lowers to 10.5 inches off the floor
  • Vertical 40 inches and 72 inches SID
  • Horizontal Beam at 40 inches and 72 inches SID
  • 17×17 Csl Flat Panel Detector
  • Gives you the ability to do weight-bearing exams
  • Easy table operation by a foot switch
  • Charging Bucky

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Advanced Veterinary X-ray System


  • Unique “free standing” design
  • Variable horizontal & vertical tube travel
  • 90/90 tube angulation with indicator
  • Vertical & horizontal tube stand movement controlled by electric locks
  • Movable grid cabinet with tube stand interlock
  • 103 line, 8:1 ratio grid
  • Certified manual collimator





Veterinary Digital Imaging Panels

Rayence – Xmaru DR 1717SGC/SCC Flat Panel Detector

The Xmaru 1717 SGC/SCC detectors allow you to experience True Flat Panel Digital Imaging Technology without modifying the existing cassette bucky tray. Its 15mm thickness allows existing systems using film or CR to be easily upgraded.


  • No hardware integration
  • Uses existing cassette tray
  • Auto trigger software
  • Minimal installation time
  • Available in both Gaddox (SGC) and Cesium (SCC) Scintillators




Rayence – Xmaru DR 1417 WGC/WCC Flat Panel Detector

The unique Xmaru 1417 Wireless digital detector was created through the technological power and know-how of Rayence, a global enterprise specializing in detectors. For the convenient use of this unique wireless solution, the size, thickness and handle of this model are ergonomically designed. In particular, this is the first time in the history of the industry that a function to install and remove the detector handle horizontally and vertically has ever been realized. In addition, the detector has been manufactured to allow the battery to be continuously used while recharging it in urgent situations in which it is almost fully discharged. Experience the convenience and mobility available only in the 1417.



  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Cassette sized
  • Built-in image storage
  • Auto-trigger technology
  • Auto image rotation
  • Superior image quality

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Veterinary Digital Software

DX-R X-Ray Acquisition Software

DX-R X-Ray Acquisition Software is designed to acquire, manipulate, store and distribute Medical Diagnostic Imagines (DICOM). This software ensures a smooth, systematic radiological workflow for your practice.

Robust, Comprehensive, Customisable – This software is the core of any digital x-ray unit.


  • Image processing can be adapted to individual user needs
  • Developed to enable organ specific optimization (guaranteeing the highest quality X-ray images)
  • Integrated functionality simplifies your daily routine (i.e. radiographic positioning guide)
  • Easily integrated with existing patient management systems (Worklist, DICOM Send, etc.)
  • Diagnose X-ray images within the acquisition software (integrated full viewer)
  • Can be applied as a complete diagnostic workstation with the option to upgrade to a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)
  • Fully modular with several options that can be added as your practice grows
  • Outstanding image quality





Veterinary Digital Dental Sensors

EzSensor Vet

EzSensor Vet is the industry leading intra-oral sensor, offering superior diagnostic images that are essential to successful dental treatments. Features unparalleled durability and image quality, EzSensor Vet delivers speed and efficiency while keeping patients comfortable.


  • Clear, high quality images
  • Ergonomic design: slim and rounded corner exterior
  • Time-saving work flow
  • Rigorous testing ensures durability and reliability




EasyDent Vet Software

Rayence’s user-friendly software supports acquiring, managing and processing diagnostic digital images.  The software compliments high-quality images with exceptional speed. Its real-time transmission drastically shortens acquisition time and eliminates the need to process and develop film.


  • DICOM Compliant System
  • Easy integration into the existing clinical network
  • Real-time viewing in high quality images
  • Fully integrated solution




The EzRay, VATECH’s intra-oral X-ray imaging system

Reliable Design for Easy & Stable Use

The ergonomically designed X-ray tube head can be positioned at any anatomical imaging position. In addition, the strong and stable arm produces distortion-free images and allows simple positioning.


  • Sophisticated Design
  • Creates a modern and comfortable atmosphere in your clinic
  • Brings relief to patients by reducing anxiety and fear of discomfort
  • Intuitive & easy to use operating panel
  • Straightforward process for image capture with Intuitive Icons.
  • Detachable Control Panel
  • Round Shape and Lightweight Tube Head
  • Easy Grip with ergonomic handle





CONTEC08A-VET Electronic Sphygmomanometer

CONTEC08A-VET is an Electronic Sphygmomanometer that can measure blood pressure for animals. The device features in full-automatic measurement, high-definition color LCD display and strong visibility. It has integrated parameter measure, display and record output in one device, and it adopts data review interface such as "data list", "trend chart", "big font" with easy and simple operation. It can be applied to routine test of family pets, animal hospital, clinic and farm, etc.


Main Features

  • High-definition color LCD display, strong visibility.
  • Data storage function, up to 100 groups of data can be stored, by which measured data can be reviewed.
  • One-touch operation, automatic BP measurement, adopts oscillometric multistep deflation measurement method, good repeatability. When measurement error happens, device will prompt error message.
  • Physiological alarm function, alarm limits can be set the alarm limits. When blood pressure is higher than the high limit or lower than the low limit, the alarm will occur. Alarm switch can be set.
  • Supply two kinds of units: Kpa/mmHg, which can be set as user’s need. Audial and visual prompt when power is low.
  • With short-time power storage function, when replacing the battery, the clock time function can't be affected.
  • Three cuff mode: large, medium, small. User can choose corresponding cuff and cuff mode according to different body type of animals.
  • Store measured results with date and time.
  • Function of automatic power-off.





E-CUBE i7 Portable Ultrasound

The E-CUBE i7 Veterinary ultrasound system is a cart-based system which has a powerful and qualified system architecture and user-optimized ergonomical design with a sliding keyboard cover. It delivers remarkably excellent imaging performance from routine examinations to complex cardiac examinations at a veterinarian's office.



  • Lightweight system(7.2kg with a battery) and transducers
  • 1-Hour battery life
  • Compact laptop style with a carrying case Speed
  • Fast boot-up with integrated SSD(Less than 45 seconds) Scanning Comfort
  • 15.6" wide&high resolution(1600x900) LED monitor with IPS technology (Wider viewing angle, better expression of color/contrast, less eye strain) Durability
  • Solid aluminum shell Library Quiet
  • Silent fan noise of 31db (comparing to a library noise level of 30db)


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