Rayence XMARU 1012WCA

1012 Wireless digital detector designed for vets in mind.

This lightweight (Approx. 7 lbs.) wireless digital detector is designed for the veterinarian in mind. This radiologic panel exhibits a data acquisition time of approximately 2 seconds (wired) and up to 3 seconds (wireless) with a resolution of 3.91 p/mm. You will experience high-quality digital radiograph every time.

The Rayence XMARU 1012 WCA DR Panel Features:

  • Sensor Type: Amorphous Silicon with TFT
  • Scintillator: Cesium Iodide (Csl)
  • Active Pixel Area: 25.9 cm x 32.0 cm (10” * 12”)
  • Active Pixel Number: 2040 x 2520 pixels
  • Pixel Pitch:127 µm
  • Data Acquisition Time: 2 sec. (wired) 3 sec. (wireless)
  • Resolution: 3.9lp/mm
  • Battery Recharge Time: 2.5 hours
  • Size: 395 x 337 x 18 mm (not incl. handle)
  • Weight: Typ. 3.15 kg (incl. battery pack / not incl. handle)
    Typ. 3.6 kg (incl. battery pack & incl. handle)
  • Power Requirements: AC 100~240V, 47~3Hz

Ergonomic Design
To include removable top handle that can be attached one of two ways to the detector frame

This detector comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Battery Recharge Time
This detector also sports a short battery recharge time of 2.5 hrs.