When your patients typically outweigh you by a few hundred pounds, you need Digital X-ray Equipment that stands up to the challenge. Our Equine Radiology experts will make sure that you’ve got everything that you need.


Chiropractic Radiology Equipment can add value to your practice, build trust in your patients and increase your confidence in your diagnoses. Our sales team can help you find the perfect mix of equipment to meet your needs.

Imaging Clinics

Hospitals and Imaging Clinics are expected to be the pinnacle of radiology expertise, so the equipment that they use has to run at peak performance at all times. We service all of the X-Ray Products that we sell, anywhere in Canada.


As a veterinarian, your clients trust you to provide the best quality care for the members of their family who can’t speak for themselves. Our Veterinary Digital X-Ray Equipment will tell you what’s wrong when they can’t.

X-Ray Imaging Supply & Service

Calico Medical Inc. is a full medical X-ray sales, service and maintenance company. With over 25 years experience in the imaging field we offer a wide range of radiology services. At CMI we specialize in addressing and finding the best solutions related to the radiology needs of all medical, veterinary, chiropractic, dentistry and podiatry centers. With proper upkeep, your X-ray equipment will last longer, operate more efficiently and take higher quality images, decreasing the number of re-exposures to which you must subject your patients. CMI provides competitive part and product pricing on an extensive variety of quality X ray products. Whether you are in need of new/used analog x-ray systems or are looking to purchase new Digital equipment we have the capacity to help find you the solution that’s best for your facility. We specialize in professionally servicing all of your imaging equipment from film processors, to X-ray equipment (analog or digital) to C-arms, to CT scanners and MRI machines. CMI Calico Medical is truly your one-stop-X-ray-shop!

Client Testimonials

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