CMP-200 Generator

CPI’s CMP-200 is a 100 kHz high frequency X-ray generator. The CMP-200 is a low cost solution for integrating with your film-based systems for diagnostic radiographic imaging. It is a non-invasive device, and is designed to image the major systems of the body: Skull, shoulder, thorax, upper arm, lower arm, abdomen, pelvis, femur, knee, tibula-fibula, foot.

The generator features state-of-the-art computer-based control to ensure minimum patient dose, excellent reproducibility, and superior image contrast. The operator control functions are designed to be simple and user-friendly.


  • Output power levels 32, 40, & 50kW
  • Output capability 125 kV / 150 kV, dependent on model
  • Smaller, lighter, modular design
  • Constant dose output due to kV and mA regulation during exposures
  • User-friendly controls
  • Large LCD panel for APR and technique display
  • Programmed for APR operation, with manual override of technique factors
  • Extensive self-diagnostics with operator prompt messages
  • Time and mA / mAs selections are to IEC standards


  • Remote exposure hand switch
  • AEC (Automatic Exposure Control)
  • Tomography
  • Dose-Area Product (DAP)